Why FusionWare


FusionWare has been providing both large and small enterprises with guidance, tools and assistance to take practical advantage of exciting new technologies for over 20 years.  We make difficult integration easy, know how to reduce and mitigate complexity and risk, and can speed your deployment into public or private cloud and mobile solutions. The common thread with all our customers is the need to extend their existing applications into new opportunities with an approach that is practical and affordable.

See how FusionWare can help you find and deploy the right integration, cloud computing, mobile and security services to meet your needs and provide you with a competitive edge.

What our customers say


"The work that Mark and FusionWare have done for us over the years have made real differences to our organisation and I am certain they will continue to help bring this long established organisation kicking and screaming into the modern connected world."
- Edward Smith - IT Services & Data Manager - Wiltshire Friendly Society

Vancouver Windows Platform Developers Group

At FusionWare we are passionate about engaging with the wider developer community and to this end, we run the Vancouver Windows Platform Developer Group that meets regularly in the Greater Vancouver area. This group was formed to assist developers in the Lower Mainland that have an interest in any sort of Windows Platform development.