Database Development

Data is a set of values of subjects with respect to qualitative or quantitative variables.

Software development is an art that always involves the consumption and presentation of data.  At FusionWare, our roots are in databases.  We have produced a SQL engine from scratch for a non-relational database.  We have created high speed data connectors for .NET, Java, web and mobile application development.  We are intimately familiar with data structures of all types and are experts and extracting intelligence from existing data.

FusionWare works with on-premise and cloud data solutions and knows both relational and non-relational equally well.  Whether you need connectivity to existing databases or help getting the most out of your data we can help. 

Database Development

In today's modern databases it's as much about the layers over the data as the data itself.  Through web services or serverless functions we can help build secure interfaces over your existing data helping to protect information critical to your organization.  Don't give your applications direct access to your data, let FusionWare protect it behind safe, secure authenticated, encrypted interfaces.  Our developers have many years of building solutions for the web and mobile.

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