FusionWare mvLynx Direct Designer

The FusionWare mvLynx Direct Designer is the essential tool for rapid development of applications. You will require at least one copy of the mvLynx Direct Designer to activate accounts and create metadata definitions that allow the operating system to interpret the MultiValue data appropriately.

Manage accounts and files with a Visual Studio® like interface

Create and preview metadata definitions and refine them

Easy and Quick

The mvLynx Direct Designer offers a highly intuitive Windows-base interface that provides a method for describing MultiValue data that the provider understands. With the mvLynx Direct Designer you can quickly and easily preview the results of you metadata definitions and refine them for your particular needs, before you save the definition to the server.

The mvLynx Direct Designer provides an auto-map feature that immediately exposes your data. From there you can fine-tune the mapping to your satisfaction.

Standards for MultiValues

OLEDB and ADO.NET both benefit from the definition of metadata that allows them to work intelligently with your data and logic. In the past, you had to map your nonrelational data to a relational view. This was slow, complex and had performance and scalability issues associated with it. With OLEDB and ADO.NET you can now map your multivalue data as multivalue data, providing just enough metadata to allow Visual Studio applications to provide you with the full functionality that .NET developers have come to expect from Microsoft’s industry-leading IDE.

Mapped or Unmapped Flexibility

Both the mvLynx OLE DB Provider and the mvLynx Managed Provider also allow for unmapped direct access to MultiValued data. The mvLynx Managed Provider has MultiValue BASIC compatible methods that jump-start multivalue developers moving to .NET and allow for easy manipulation of raw multivalue data. Mapping is optional!

Technical Information

Platform Information

MultiValue Platform

  • Most MultiValue databases including: uniVerse,™ UniData,™ mvBase,™ Reality X,™ jBase,™ mvEnterprise,™ D3,™ Advanced Pick,™, QM and more. 

FusionWare Direct Designer Platform

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 (R2)

Components Include::

  • mvLynx Direct Data Access Server – Required for each MultiValue host computer. Controls communication and access to the MultiValue database.
  • mvLynx Direct Designer - The GUI Interface for mapping your MultiValue data.

Product Features:

  • Account View
    • Activate/deactivate accounts and open files
  • Detail View
    • Create, view and modify metadata through the Metadata tab
    • Validate and preview data mapping through the Preview tab
  • Auto-Map
    • Instantly map all your MultiValue data using your dictionaries for naming fields.  Then fine-tune to meet your needs