FusionWare mvLynx OLE DB Provider

Develop high-performance, MultiValue to Windows applications that retain your data’s hierarchical nature. Unlike ODBC and JDBC, Microsoft’s OLE DB standard does not require hierarchical data to be flattened into SQL-compliant format. As a result, your MultiValue environment can be easily accessed with the full capabilities of the data structures in their native state. And, FusionWare mvLynx OLE DB Provider is fast: in tests, the mvLynx OLE DB Provider was five to thirty times faster than ODBC.

Use standard Microsoft® development tools to quickly build ActiveX Data Objects for data manipulation

Expose MultiValue data in its native format, preserving its structure and relevance

Exploit the full potential of Multivalue data from Windows® or the Web


OLE DB architecture is built upon the precept of an application accessing diverse data stores through a small application built specifically for that purpose.

Because providers are made up of COM components that contain a series of standard interfaces, consumers can access them using any programming language.

Technical Information

Platform Information:

MultiValue Platform:

  • Most MultiValue databases including: uniVerse,™ UniData,™ mvBase,™ Reality,™ jBase,™ mvEnterprise,™ D3,™, QM, Advanced Pick,™ and more.

Client OS:

  • Windows Client (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008)
  • Standard Web browsers and Inter/Intranet applications
  • Internet/Intranet applications


  • The MultiValue server must support TCP/IP sockets
  • When called from a browser, the MultiValue database must be accessible by a socket connection

Components Include::

  • mvLynx Direct Data Access Server – required for each MultiValue host computer. Controls communication and access to the MultiValue database.
  • mvLynx OLE DB Provider – pure Java Data Adapter, runs on one or more client computers
  • Host Procedure API – application program interface


  • OLEDB Specification Conformance
    • Implements DataSource, Session, Command and Rowset objects
  • SQL Conformance
    • SQL Support is limited to SELECT FROM table name at this time
  • Host Procedures
    • Associate a BASIC command with a host procedure similar to a CGI program
    • Custom commands to return results to applications
  • Communications Protocols
    • Support for TCP/IP communications
  • Development Tool Support
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (including VBA and VB Script)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005 and 2008 (recommend mvLynx Managed Provider instead of OLEDB)