FusionWare mvLynx Java Data Adapter (JDA)

Develop high-performance, highly scalable Java solutions that leverage your MultiValue applications.  The JDA is built on the FusionWare mvLynx Data Access Server (Direct DAS) and therefore provides the best blend of high-speed data access with full-featured Java functionality.

Modernize your legacy system in less time, for less money

Use standard Java development tools to quickly build Data Objects for data manipulation

Expose MultiValue data in its native format, preserving its structure and relevance


FusionWare mvLynx Java Data Adapter brings Java’s “write once, run everywhere” economy of application development and maintenance to any MultiValue system.  It fully supports all FusionWare Direct data mapping, host procedures and commands.

Pure Java for guaranteed compatibility

FusionWare mvLynx Java Data Adapter is pure Java that provides a platform-independent interface from any Java-enabled environment to any MultiValue database. Use our JDA for these types of applications:

  • Full cross platform support. Certified on almost all IBM platforms including IBM i, z, and x series systems, both native O/S and Linux.
  • Full support for many IDEs, including Sun Java Creator, Netbeans, Cold Fusion and more.
  • Replication between MultiValue and relational databases

Technical Information

Platform Information:

MultiValue Platform:

  • Most MultiValue databases including: uniVerse,™ UniData,™ mvBase,™ Reality,™ Reality,™ jBase,™ mvEnterprise,™ D3,™ QM, Advanced Pick,™ and more.

Client OS:

  • Platform independent: runs on Java-compatible platforms including Linux, Unix, AIX, IBM i (AS/400), System z (mainframe), Windows 32 bit or 64 bit, and others.


  • A Java 1.2 (or higher) compliant Java Runtime Environment is required.

Ready for IBM System with Linux

Ready for IBM System with Linux

Components Include::

  • mvLynx Direct Data Access Server – required for each MultiValue host computer. Controls communication and access to the MultiValue database.
  • mvLynx Java Data Adapter – pure Java Data Adapter, runs on one or more client computers
  • Host Procedure API – application program interface


  • Leverages the power and speed of your MultiValue data without requiring relational normalization.
  • Works in conjunction with the FusionWare Direct Designer to map your MultiValue data (optional).
  • Host Procedures - Associate a BASIC command with a host procedure similar to a CGI program.  Custom commands to return results to applications.
  • DictCall ItemProc - allows MultiValue Access-style query support. No mapping required. Use your dictionaries to export a LIST type report's output to a reporting tool or data warehouse.
  • Development Tools - Any development environment used to create Java applications is compatible.  i.e. Sun Java Creator, Netbeans, Cold Fusion and other Eclipse base IDEs