FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition

FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition brings Java’s “write once, run everywhere” economy of application development and maintenance to any MultiValue system that supports TCP/IP socket connections. FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition opens vast possibilities for Web-enabled applications, capitalizing on freely available Java- capable browsers such as Netscape Navigator,® Microsoft® Internet Explorer™, and Opera®.

Open MultiValue data to Internet/Intranet applications

Quickly create JDK (Java Developer's Kit) base applications

Develop portable applications across UNIX, Windows,® Mac OS

A Relational View of Things

The JDBC Edition is ideal where the solution requires relationally formatted data. For many tasks and in many situations, our newer technologies like the FusionWare Direct Java Data Adapter (JDA) will be a better investment, providing more up-to-date solutions and better performance, scalability and control over your data.

Object-oriented programming with state-of-the art tools

Using FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition, developers enjoy the full capabilities of object-oriented programming without concern for database syntax. In many cases, Java-literate entry-level technicians can begin programming immediately with MultiValue/Pick programmers.

Pure Java for guaranteed compatibility

FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition is a pure Java Level 3 driver (not simply a bridge to an ODBC driver) that provides a platform-independent interface from any Java-enabled environment to any MultiValue database. Use our FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition for these types of applications:

  • MultiValue data-aware Java applets within Web browsers
  • MultiValue data access from Java- aware non-Intel clients
  • Replication between MultiValue and relational databases

Technical Information

Platform Information

MultiValue Platform:

  • Most MultiValue databases including: uniVerse,™ UniData,™ mvBase,™ Reality X,™ mvEnterprise,™ D3,™ Advanced Pick,™ and more.

Client OS:

  • Platform independent: runs on Java-compatible platforms include UNIX, Mac OS, Windows, X-terminals. PDAs, cellular phones, smart appliances, etc.
  • Standard Web browsers and Inter/Intranet applications


  • The MultiValue server must support TCP/IP sockets (Telnet, PicLAN/IP).
  • A Java 1.02 (or higher) compliant virtual machine is required.
  • When called from a browser, the MultiValue database.
  • Must be accessible by a socket connection.

Ready for IBM System with Linux

Ready for IBM System with Linux

Components Include::

  • mvLynx Direct Data Access Server – required for each MultiValue host computer. Controls communication and access to the MultiValue database.
  • mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition – pure Java Level 3 driver, runs on one or more client computers.
  • Stored Procedure API – application program interface.


  • Java data type support – string, date, time, integer, decimal and other Java data types.
  • Stored Procedures – associate a BASIC Subroutine with a stored procedure name. Full-featured callback API in BASIC (custom code required to return results to client applications).
  • Discretionary INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE – allows you to control which MultiValue files can be updated, so you can ensure that edit-checks, constraints, triggers and other features protect the integrity of your systems.
  • Java servlets – can be used from Java servlets.