FusionWare mvLynx Connect API

Connect API allows you to extend your MV/BASIC programs with syntax that mimics the OPEN/READ/WRITE/DELETE/SELECT/COPY commands that you are used to using in the MV environment. It allows your MV programmers to access relational data as though it were a dynamic array. As a result, your MV programmers are instantly productive and your MV programmers can orchestrate real-time data connectivity and synchronization with other non-MV applications. Triggers can be used to push updates and deletes to the target databases.

High-speed, Scalable, Bidirectional Access to Relational Data from MV/BASIC

Equivalent to OPEN, READ, WRITE, DELETE, SELECT and more...

MultiValue-programmer Friendly

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Technical Information

Platform Information:

MultiValue Platform:

Currently Available:

  • Universe
  • QM
  • Others... Please Call

Relational Database Platforms:

  • SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, mySQL, most JDBC compliant Databases.


Ready for IBM Systems with Linux

Ready for IBM with Linux


Ready for IBM DB2

Ready for IBM DB2


Components Include::

  • FusionWare mvLynx Connect API - Bridge MV/BASIC and Relational Databases
  • FusionWare Integration Server - High performance platform for integration.
  • FusionWare Integration Server Administrator - remote administration of the FusionWare Integration Server and myLynx Connect API.

Product Features:

  • Subroutine-based API including
    • OPEN
    • READ
    • WRITE
    • DELETE
    • SELECT
  • Bulk Processing commands including
    • COPY2SQL